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Educators meet Aandi, we are here to help you meet your accessibility and inclusion requirements.

Welcome to our place, make yourself at home, everyone is included.

You're obviously someone who is aware, cares and knows they are part of the accessibility and inclusion solution. Awareness not only comes from knowing you have to make things accessible, but by understanding what that means for students who access content differently to others.

We know you are busy, and want to provide the best learning outcomes for your students, and we would love to help you.

The team at Meet Aandi provide document and video accessibility, training, consulting and accessible design to support educators to 'Meet their Accessibility and Inclusion' requirements - Meet Aandi, if you will.

Our goal is to remove the barriers for educators who are looking to remove the barriers for their students, to make accessibility accessible!

Not all communications are equal where
accessibility and inclusion are concerned
which is where Meet Aandi comes in.

Did you know that there are 1 billion people living with disability globally? 

That figure represents around 15% of the population, who are either not being adequately catered to in your lessons or are experiencing barriers to receiving an education. 

Beyond that, another 20% of the population speak another language other than English at home – not to mention the numbers of international students coming in search of quality education. 

When reviewing the VARK learning styles, over 25% of surveyed participants needed content with all 4 modalities to learn effectively. Only 5% could learn with standard audio alone and 3% by reading alone.

Knowing this, how can we together, cater for these numbers?

We can support you with

Video Accessibility

Introducing Mava, our online tool that uses machine learning and AI to make videos easily accessible and compliant.

Document Accessibility

Remediating your digital lesson PDFs and word files so they can be understood by all abilities.


On demand and in person training on how to better make your lessons more accessible.

Accessible Design

Ensuring that how your documents look and are written cater for all student abilities.

DE&I Consulting

Not sure how accessible your content is already? We can audit and guide you on the changes you can make that will make a big difference.

Music Accessibility

No one should miss out on the joy of learning music. We have a passion project to make music more accessible. Get involved.

I want my content all sorted!

That's what we are here for! Request a quote 
or contact us for any enquiries.

We love helping others meet their
Accessibility and Inclusion goals, including:

1. NSW government2. National Disability Insurance Scheme3. Queenslanders with Disability Network0045. National Gallery of Australia 6. National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation7. Fisheries Research and Development Corporation9. The University of Sydney110. Australian National University20. Aesop13. Logan City Council14. Arts Centre Melbourne18. Anglicare16. Medibank19. Pennington Institute15. Suncorp Bank11. 2M Language Services4. Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion9. The University of Sydney17. Scope Australia